Air Products Qudra Builds NEOM's First Hydrogen Station

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Air Products Qudra has signed a deal with ENOWA, NEOM’s Energy, Water, and Hydrogen subsidiary, to construct, own, and manage NEOM's inaugural hydrogen refuelling station, thereby establishing crucial infrastructure for NEOM's sustainability and renewable energy objectives.

An effort has been launched to reduce carbon emissions in NEOM's heavy transportation sector, which includes buses and heavy-duty trucks. The project aims to establish a hydrogen refuelling station, with plans to begin the groundwork in the latter half of 2023.

Ebubekir Koyuncu, Air Products Qudra’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We look forward to contributing our world-leading hydrogen expertise and fueling technology in support of NEOM’s decarbonisation goals. Producing and distributing clean hydrogen energy solutions for use in heavy-duty fuel cell vehicles, as well as industrial applications and energy storage, is part of our DNA.”

“ENOWA is committed to combating climate change and reducing CO2 emissions through green hydrogen. Therefore, we are delighted to partner with Air Products Qudra in providing hydrogen-powered mobility solutions. Jointly we accelerate innovations in clean technologies fueled by green hydrogen, and we contribute to hydrogen mobility markets and a sustainable future of global decarbonisation,” says Peter Terium, CEO of ENOWA.

Air Products Qudra is a Middle East-based investment and development firm established by Air Products in collaboration with Qudra Energy, a subsidiary of Vision Invest.

The company's objective is to create a cleaner future, and it does so by using its extensive global expertise, cutting-edge technology, and innovative approaches. Air Products Qudra is a primary sustainability ally in the Middle East, partnering with nations to accomplish their industrial and net-zero goals.

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