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As the trend towards environmentally-friendly packaging gains momentum, brand owners are increasingly seeking assurances that their suppliers are delivering sustainable and safe solutions that meet the demands of both packaging and consumers.

To surpass these expectations, Ahlstrom is delighted to announce that its Cristal® Transparent Packaging Papers have passed ChemFORWARD's stringent evaluation of human and environmental standards for safer alternatives as part of the SAFER™ programme.

Cristal® transparent papers make excellent substitutes for non-renewable materials, whether they are replacing plastic or film in packaging or creating an entirely fibre-based end-use structure.

Guillaume Latourrette, Global Vice President of Food Packaging for Ahlstrom, highlighted that "transparent paper in packaging helps build customer trust for the food and e-commerce industries." He added, "Cristal® already possessed excellent sustainable features as a natural, compostable, and recyclable packaging solution. Achieving SAFER™ status further strengthens these attributes."

To obtain SAFER™ designation, all chemicals intentionally added to Cristal® transparent papers that are present at or above 100 ppm were disclosed and evaluated by a qualified toxicology firm using ChemFORWARD's extensive hazard methodology.

The SAFER™ programme aims to ensure safety for humans and the environment, establish trust throughout the supply chain through third-party verified transparency, and enable suppliers to showcase their chemical management leadership.

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Cristal® products, including transparent papers and PurposeSeal™ heat seal packaging, feature advanced technology that has continued to evolve. These products are now certified as recyclable, having passed the Western Michigan University SBS Equivalency (WMU SBS-E) testing protocol. Additionally, Cristal's heat-seal coating has received third-party certification from the Centre technique du papier, affirming its recyclability to the European Union's EN13430 standards.

Eva Thunholm, Vice President of Ahlstrom's Protective Materials business, stressed the importance of recyclable packaging in the e-commerce and industrial packaging industries, citing the need to reduce waste-to-landfill and minimise our impact on the planet. "By obtaining certifications for recyclability and compostability and earning the SAFER™ programme endorsement, Cristal® products provide our customers and the market with another sustainable fibre-based solution for reducing the use of non-renewable substrates in packaging engineering."

Cristal® products are an excellent choice for window packaging, sachets, bags, and other applications when brand owners or packaging designers want their products to be fully visible.

For more information on Cristal® products, please visit https://www.ahlstrom.com/products/technologies/transparent-technology/.

To learn how Cristal® products support Ahlstrom's "From Plastic to Purpose" campaign, visit https://www.ahlstrom.com/campaigns/from-Plastic-to-Purpose/.

To learn more about ChemFORWARD's SAFER program, you can reach out to info@chemforward.org or visit their website at www.chemforward.org.

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