There are Great Opportunities in Africa's Climate Action: Egypt's Climate Champion

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Egypt's UN High-Level Champion for Climate Change, Mahmoud Mohieldin, stated that there are many promising opportunities in the field of climate action in Africa, praising the progress made by several African countries, particularly in the green hydrogen field.

He also talked about the need to link sustainable development goals with climate action, which would help solve problems like food security and energy shortages at present and prepare for future problems as well.

Mohieldin's comments came during a panel discussion held by the African Risk Capacity Group (ARC), a specialised agency of the African Union (AU). The title of the meeting was "The Road to COP27 and Beyond."

The climate advocate's address centred on four crucial aspects: adaptation, mitigation, loss and damage, and climate financing.

In addition, he mentioned a leading initiative to mobilise investment in climate-related fields that was undertaken by the Egyptian chair of the United Nations Conference of Parties on Climate Change (COP27) in collaboration with UN regional commissions and other high-level champions.

The programme entails convening five major regional roundtables to highlight high-priority initiatives for each of the five regions, in addition to ensuring investments for their implementation.

In this regard, Mohieldin emphasised the most important outcomes of the first regional forum, which was held earlier this month in Addis Abeba, as 140 promising projects were examined, with 19 of them being shortlisted and set to be implemented in the next few months.

He stated that Africa is the most hit by the impacts of climate change, although it contributes only 3% of global emissions. He also mentioned the high susceptibility of coastal areas, as well as the difficulties confronting the energy and agriculture sectors as a result of climate change, and stated that additional efforts must be made to ensure that all industries are climate resilient.

Source: Daily News Egypt

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