Pickler Raises 500K to Slash Packaging Emissions

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KnowESG_Pickler Raises 500K to Slash Packaging Emissions
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Pickler, a startup focused on eco-friendly packaging solutions, recently secured $5,00,000 in funding led by Shamrock Ventures, a sustainable tech-focused venture capital fund.

In response to the rising trend of environmentally conscious consumerism and new EU regulations, Pickler's software helps packaging companies transparently showcase the impact of their packaging.

Using a straightforward Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach and smart algorithms, Pickler makes it easy and cost-effective for businesses to calculate, compare, and share the environmental impact of their packaging.

Co-founder Koen de Beer is optimistic about the business opportunities in reducing product footprints and highlights the positive impact on companies' bottom lines. The funding will allow Pickler to reach more packaging businesses and help them cut emissions in their supply chains.

Tommy Hurley, managing partner at Shamrock Ventures, lauds Pickler's simple yet effective approach to making product footprint calculations accessible and profitable for packaging businesses. Shamrock Ventures is excited to support Pickler in its mission to help the packaging industry achieve its 55% CO2-eq reduction target by 2030.

Crucially, Pickler ensures compliance with anti-greenwashing laws and collaborates with Sustainability Impact Metrics to maintain independence and credibility in its methodology and results. This collaboration significantly reduces the risks of greenwashing in marketing efforts.

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