Most Consumers Want to Save Energy, But Don't Know How

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A new survey reveals that while most Irish consumers (85%) understand the importance of saving energy at home, many lack the knowledge to take action. Despite high awareness of Building Energy Ratings (BER) and home retrofits, a significant portion are unsure of the details or benefits.

Bank of Ireland Launches Resource Hub and Eco-Friendly Mortgage

To bridge this gap, Bank of Ireland has launched a one-stop online hub packed with clear information on BER ratings, retrofitting options, and potential cost savings. Their innovative EcoSaver Mortgage offers discounted rates for homes with any BER rating, rewarding homeowners for taking steps towards energy efficiency, not just those achieving the top tiers.

Making Energy Upgrades Easier and More Affordable

The hub also features a handy retrofitting calculator to estimate costs and savings. Partnering with SSE Airtricity, Bank of Ireland provides access to BER assessments, quotes, and even home retrofitting services, making the entire process smoother and more manageable.

Investing in Your Home's Future

With six in ten consumers planning to improve their home's energy efficiency in the future, these resources can empower them to make informed decisions. Bank of Ireland's Green home improvement loan, with the bank's lowest variable rate, offers additional financial support for those undertaking energy-saving upgrades.

Key benefits highlighted

  • Clearer understanding of BER ratings and retrofits.

  • Financial incentives for energy-efficient homes through the EcoSaver Mortgage.

  • Streamlined retrofitting process with Bank of Ireland's partnership.

  • Affordable financing options with the Green home improvement loan.

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Source: Bank of Ireland


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