Eni Facilitates Sustainable Firms' Access to Credit

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Eni is collaborating with select banks to introduce a pioneering programme that encourages companies in its supply chain to enhance their ESG profile while optimising their liquidity management.

Eni has demonstrated its dedication to the energy supply chain by introducing a new digital and sustainable model for its suppliers, complementing the "Basket Bond - Sustainable Energy" initiative. The programme allows Eni suppliers to obtain upfront payments from the programme's financial partners.

Through FinDynamic's technology and in partnership with Crédit Agricole and UniCredit for financial activities, Eni's suppliers can easily and quickly access credit as well as secure favourable financial terms.

Suppliers who enrol in the Sustainable Supply Chain Finance Programme can use FinDynamic's digital platform, a "FinTech" company that offers inventive solutions to improve corporate liquidity management. This allows suppliers to request upfront payment for invoices issued to Eni.

Crédit Agricole and UniCredit, the banking partners selected by Eni for this programme, are currently finalising the operational procedures.

The programme is exclusively available to companies committed to sustainable development, tying improved financial resource management with ESG performance. Companies can use Open-es, a digital platform that links industry, finance, and trade associations and is dedicated to promoting sustainable growth in supply chains.

Eni is bolstering its support strategy for companies through this new programme, which provides practical tools for creating long-term value while emphasising the need to engage the entire supply chain in a journey towards sustainable growth.

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