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Bank Mandiri, the state-owned bank of Indonesia, has taken significant strides towards sustainability with the launch of several eco-friendly initiatives.

The bank has introduced digital carbon tracking, debit and e-money prepaid cards made from recycled plastic, and non-physical credit cards, all in support of Indonesia's goal of achieving zero carbon emissions by 2060.

Bank Mandiri is proud to be the first bank to offer digital carbon tracking, allowing stakeholders to monitor real-time carbon emissions and reductions resulting from the bank's operational activities. This groundbreaking feature not only raises awareness but also empowers individuals to make sustainable choices.

The issuance of debit and e-money prepaid cards made from recycled PVC plastic is part of Bank Mandiri's commitment to environmental, social, and good governance (ESG) principles. By using recycled materials, the bank addresses the urgent issue of plastic waste that plagues Indonesia.

In further efforts to support sustainability, Bank Mandiri is collaborating with its subsidiaries, Mandiri Tunas Finance and Mandiri Utama Finance, to promote electric vehicles (EVs). They offer an EV feature on Livin' Sukha and EV promotions on Livin' Kopra until August 2023, contributing to the development of an electric vehicle ecosystem.

Bank Mandiri also focuses on sustainable financing and financial products to accelerate Indonesia's green economy. They have issued Sustainability Bonds, Green Bonds, and ESG Repo while offering Green Loans, Sustainability Linked Loans, and ESG mutual funds through Livin' Investment since 2021.

Beyond banking, Bank Mandiri aims to build awareness of ESG principles among its employees, customers, and stakeholders. Together, they strive to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2060, embodying the bank's commitment to a sustainable future.

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Source: ANTARA


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