Unbounded Opportunities for Women in Aviation

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At the 2023 Women in Aviation International Conference, American Airlines welcomed the first female graduates from the American Airlines Cadet Academy to join the mainline flight deck as first officers.

Apart from the groundbreaking achievement, American Airlines offered 52 pilot jobs during the event, making it the sole mainline airline carrier to do so.

Established in July 2016, the American Airlines Cadet Academy serves as a structured programme that eradicates the financial hindrances prospective pilots face.

Enrolled cadets comprise over 30% females, resulting in increased diversity within future and current pilot ranks. The Cadet Academy aids in bridging the gap between aspirations and an achievable career in aviation for those unaware that it is possible. Furthermore, the programme supports the growth of American's pilot population.

American Airlines remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting an affirmative, inclusive, and fair environment for all team members. The airline aims to foster diversity within the flight deck by hiring the most capable aviators and investing in the future.

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Source: American Airlines