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UL Solutions, a prominent player in the field of applied safety science, has unveiled the introduction of an enhanced environmental, social, and governance (ESG) advisory and assurance practice.

This new initiative is meant to give businesses a practical, science-based way to handle ESG issues, with the help of a global team of UL Solutions experts in the right fields to help them move forward with their efforts.

Several ESG frameworks are available to evaluate a company's non-financial performance and are employed by numerous stakeholders, including investors, customers, and employees, to make informed decisions about their engagement with the organisation.

UL Solutions can improve ESG initiatives across the spectrum, starting from the initial mobilisation phase to the confirmation of environmental data and content for ESG reporting, as it can address a wide range of ESG frameworks.

“Companies are experiencing demand for effective ESG management from many directions,” said Adrian Wain, business manager in the Asset and Sustainability group at UL Solutions. “We understand the challenges companies face and have enhanced our advisory and verification capabilities to help them establish and drive ESG performance.”

As new methods and standards are introduced to the market, ESG reporting is undergoing a significant transformation. UL Solutions is aiding companies in complying with the latest ESG report requirements, such as the independent verification of greenhouse gas (GHG) statements in accordance with ISO 14064-3, Greenhouse gases.

GPA Global specialises in tailored product packaging and displays and has teamed up with UL Solutions for several reporting initiatives, including carbon methodology, CDP disclosure review, and materiality assessments.

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