TÜV NORD Launches ESG Certification for Raw Materials

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A significant achievement has been made in the raw materials sector with the launch of TÜV NORD CERA 4in1, marking a step forward in traceability, transparency, and sustainability.

This certification system, comprising four steps, covers the entire journey from mineral extraction to the final product, making it the first of its kind globally.

It is a crucial move towards a more sustainable natural resources industry. The TÜV NORD CERA 4in1 Performance Standard (CPS) is the initial standard available, helping mining, processing, smelting, and refining facilities align with ESG principles and sustainability criteria.

Creating a holistic certification system for raw materials is a major milestone, given the complex landscape of existing certificates. Raw materials are essential for addressing modern challenges like sustainability, digitalisation, and renewable energy.

The TÜV NORD CERA 4in1 system, funded by the EU, aims to meet the needs of various stakeholders, enabling informed and sustainable choices for consumers and businesses alike.

CERA 4in1 is unique as it covers the entire value chain, from exploration to final product, with four integrated standards suitable for companies of all sizes worldwide.

Sandra Gerhartz, Managing Director of TÜV NORD CERT, stresses the need for a streamlined certification process like CERA 4in1 to ensure transparency for end users.

Existing certificates often cover only parts of the value chain, creating a fragmented market. CERA 4in1 simplifies this by offering a universal approach, reducing complexity and bringing transparency to the sector. The launch of CPS marks the beginning of a transition towards sustainable and secure supply chains.

The benefits of CPS are significant, enabling companies to certify their facilities as ESG-compliant without overwhelming complexity. Dr. Andreas Hucke, TIC-Manager CERA 4in1 at TÜV NORD CERT, highlights its role in enhancing long-term profitability and competitiveness for mining companies.

The impact of CPS has already been demonstrated through pilot projects with major companies, showing its potential to meet international sustainability requirements and foster responsible business practices.

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Source: TÜV NORD


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