Travers Smith Unveils ESG, Sustainable Finance Academy

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Travers Smith LLP has announced the introduction of its ESG and Sustainable Finance Academy, an in-house education programme accessible to all lawyers and Business Services teams employed at the firm.

Travers Smith's ESG and Sustainable Finance Academy is a forward-thinking initiative that leverages the firm's existing expertise in the ESG and sustainable finance domains to cultivate a more profound comprehension of how these issues influence clients' businesses across the entire firm. The academy is designed explicitly for the firm by its ESG specialists in collaboration with faculty members from Oxford Saïd Business School.

The first session took place in January and received significant participation across the firm, with over 250 lawyers and Business Services colleagues in attendance. The complete programme includes ten modules delivered monthly, exploring topics such as climate change, human rights, natural capital, corporate governance, and diversity and inclusion. The focus is on sustainable finance and broader ESG themes, such as ESG litigation and investigations, that are important to all clients and practices within the firm.

The programme is structured around a sequence of comprehensive live sessions and complemented by a wide range of reference materials. The firm also plans to offer a certification option for individuals who commit a minimum number of hours each month to the programme.

Travers Smith's Managing Partner, Edmund Reed, commented:

"ESG and sustainability are critical topics for all of our clients and will become even more important in the future, which is why we are so committed to investing in this comprehensive learning experience for all of our lawyers and business services people, enriching our existing expertise and embedding an ESG and sustainability-aware approach to legal service delivery. This is one of the most ambitious and far-reaching internal training programmes we have run in recent years.

"I am already extremely proud of the preeminence of our work in the ESG space, driven by a cross-practice initiative that has encouraged accelerated growth in this area, and I am excited to see the firm take its market-leading knowledge and expertise to the next level."

Travers Smith has been a leader in the ESG legal field since it started its ESG practice more than a decade ago. The firm's ESG practice is made up of more than 15 partners and 50 lawyers who are experts in ESG in all of the firm's practice areas.

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For a comprehensive resource on ESG and sustainability, including access to Travers Smith's innovative ESG Timeline, Sustainability Insights publications, and an overview of the ESG services available to clients, read the latest ESG newsletter from the firm.

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