The Hatchery Salutes Clean-Tech Start-Ups ‘Solving Problems’

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A year after the launch of its new Africa office, global clean-tech start-up incubator The Hatchery is basking in the success of HatchTWO. This is the company’s bi-yearly event which showcases innovation within its network.

The event was held simultaneously and interactively in Cape Town, Oslo, Detroit, and Barcelona and also served as a celebration of the company reaching its one-year milestone since launching globally.

HatchTWO saw specialists, innovative thinkers, and brilliant minds spend the evening giving input into all aspects of business and discussing the future of cleantech.

Hatchery South Africa managing director and shareholder, Chwayita Nqiwa-Twalo, emphasised the focus on African solutions for African problems when introducing the ground-breaking companies in attendance.

“We have been particularly proud to have on-board start-ups which have been working on solutions particularly relevant to challenges we face on the African continent,” she said.

The Hatchery solves African challenges

One such company is Pulse Network, represented by Joseph Wamicha, who introduced itself as a global Industrial Internet of Things technology company seeking to support business processes, uplift customer choice, and boost revenue efficiency in select economic sectors critical to emerging economies.

Another company to be present at the launch event was CORT, with them streaming live from Oslo, Norway, where the founder Tsepo Montsi had travelled for the event. Montsi shared how they turn existing CCTV systems into smart systems by performing real-time object recognition on their existing feeds. Therefore, the CCTV system can now proactively trigger an alarm or send a notification when an intruder is detected.

Nqiwa-Twalo noted that projects like those presented were evidence of local talent and how African start-ups have been working towards making the world a better place through technology.

As a cleantech incubator for start-up businesses, The Hatchery has extended its work in finding and supporting innovative entrepreneurs globally, with much success. The global brand is synonymous with solving the world’s biggest issues via deep technology.

Originated and funded from Norway, The Hatchery strives to provide a global reach, offering in-house expertise and milestone-based funding to start-up founders so that they can be freed up to innovate.

According to founder and chairman Jon Bøhmer, the Hatchery releases business owners from the time-consuming tasks of raising funds and running a business, which is often not their core skills.

“We want them to have enough time to focus on their creative innovation because that’s the lifeblood of their business,” he said.

Hatchery has worked with several innovative start-ups which pose green solutions, such as Oasis, which is disrupting renewable energy finance using the blockchain.

Source: Ventureburn

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