Swissport Establishes Substantial New Sustainability Goals to Promote Long-Term Growth and Success

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Swissport International AG has set ambitious goals for the decarbonisation of its operations, waste management and circularity, and workforce diversity and inclusion. The new ESG goals will be in line with its expansion strategy while supporting its long-term development and success.

Swissport's sustainability agenda is based on a comprehensive set of ESG measures, including de-carbonisation of operations with a focus on introducing more electric vehicles; waste avoidance in all areas of the business, from cargo centres to airport lounges; and additional efforts to improve the company's attractiveness as an employer, not least by means of a leading diversity and inclusion agenda.

Warwick Brady, President & CEO of Swissport International AG, said: 

"As a signatory to the UN Global Compact since 2011, Swissport committed to its responsibility for the planet and society. And as the global market leader in aviation ground services, it is incumbent upon Swissport to set the benchmark and drive change in this area, too. We are committed to contributing our share in helping to make a more sustainable aviation future a reality. For us, sustainability goals are not a compulsory exercise but an opportunity which contributes to long-term value creation. Sustainable service delivery also benefits our customers and their corporate profiles."

Nadia Kaddouri, Swissport's Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer said: 

"Swissport is focusing on reducing its global carbon footprint, which is mainly caused by the operation of fossil-fuel-powered vehicles. On the way to the humanity goal of ’Net-Zero,’ we want to reduce our CO2 emissions by at least 42% by 2032. To achieve this, we will increase the share of electrically powered vehicles in our fleet to at least 55% over the same period.

"This ESG goal will be aligned with the group's ambitious growth plan and support its long-term development and success. More and more airline customers and airport partners are demanding fleets on the ground that are emission-free. At an increasing number of airports, Swissport will offer it to them."

Another goal of environmental conservation is waste avoidance. Disposable plastic dinnerware will be replaced with recyclable or reusable products at all airport lounges operated by Swissport subsidiary ASPIRE Lounges by 2025. Swissport plans to introduce mandatory waste avoidance as part of its waste-management policy, which will be implemented at all of its 120 air cargo centres by 2027.

Christopher Rayner, Chief People Officer, said: 

"In the area of talent acquisition and management, Swissport is also laying out new, concrete objectives. Our people are the guarantors of our success. We are convinced that employee diversity can make us a more creative, innovative, and ultimately more successful company."

One-third of all personnel in Swissport's business units globally are women, exceeding IATA's goal of 25%. The same proportion has been attained in the company's top executive level, the Global Management Team. Swissport is currently focusing on leadership levels below the C-level, with an initial goal of having at least 25% women in these positions. Swissport plans to boost the proportion of women in management to 40% during the next five years.

To make aviation safer on the ground, the company also strives relentlessly to achieve steady progress in the areas of work-related injuries and damage to customers' aircraft, as well as their and our equipment.

Swissport plans to promote social community outreach activities at all of its locations worldwide. Initiatives in health care, sports, charity, environmental protection, and career development are among them. In Tanzania, for example, Swissport actively supports the country's future aviation talent by providing a training centre where young aviation aspirants can begin their careers. Swissport also sponsors community cleanups and events to encourage environmentally friendly practices across locations throughout Europe and the United States.

Source: Swissport

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