Adds ESG to Supplier Diversity Platform

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by KnowESG Adds ESG to Supplier Diversity Platform
Image courtesy of has unveiled a strategic enhancement to its responsible sourcing platform, consolidating global sustainability certifications, policies, and data into a unified solution tailored for a company's ESG (Environmental, Social, and governance) initiatives.

In a world where the importance of sustainability and corporate responsibility has become non-negotiable, is embarking on a significant expansion into the ESG arena. As the worldwide leader in Supplier Diversity Data and Management solutions, the company is now providing procurement teams with an all-in-one resource for responsible spending across the supply chain.

This innovative solution revolutionises how organisations oversee, administer, and expand their responsible sourcing efforts. It achieves this by offering a cohesive platform for sustainability, social and diversity certifications, and the measurement of economic and environmental impact. boasts the world's largest database, comprising over four million suppliers and five million certifications. As part of this expansion, the platform will also encompass nearly 8,000 B Lab Certified B Corporations across 89 countries, over 4,000 Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) scores, and over 3,000 Green Business Network companies, alongside Fair Trade and numerous other sustainability certifications.

Aylin Basom, CEO of, emphasises, "The expansion into ESG is a testament to our commitment to not only meet the current demands of the industry but to anticipate and shape its future. We have always been at the forefront of supplier diversity, and it is only natural for us to incorporate ESG, an area of growing global significance."

Key features of’s expanded ESG solution encompass:

  • ESG Data Enrichment: Enhancing supplier spending data with environmental, social, and diverse supplier certifications from leading agencies, certifiers, and providers.

  • Social and Sustainable Spend Analytics: Providing robust executive and procurement analytics to scrutinise spending, monitor and report progress, identify fresh opportunities, and make informed decisions.

  • Supplier Registration: Establishing a centralised and customisable registration portal for all essential supplier information.

  • Responsible Supplier Explorer: Offering instant access to credible and validated social and sustainable suppliers, complete with the ability to filter based on various criteria, including firmographics, diversity, social, and environmental data. This feature facilitates the analysis of the supplier market to identify growth prospects and track progress.

  • Environmental Impact Analysis: Delivering data-driven reports on environmental impact, including the capacity to measure Scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and filter by GHG type and supplier scores.

According to Chris Sawchuk at The Hackett Group, "Foundational to ESG supply chain success is data and the ability to engage with and monitor that data to guide the architecture and refinement of the supply base and beyond to the supply network. Solution providers like, where data is core to their offering, have the opportunity to be key enablers of this success."

Basom continues, "While the business and supply chain benefits of sustainability are clear and proven, many procurement teams struggle to manage their programmes due to the fragmented ESG data landscape. With this launch, we are democratising access to reliable sustainability information, ensuring that every organisation has the insights necessary to manage their supply chains effectively and responsibly."

Presently, more than 750 companies, including over 50% of the Fortune 100, depend on to drive their responsible sourcing and supplier diversity initiatives. The introduction of the ESG solution directly responds to extensive customer demand for extending’s proven approach to environmental and social suppliers.

As businesses worldwide grapple with the challenge of seamlessly integrating sustainability into their operations, emerges as an innovative beacon, offering tools that seamlessly integrate supplier diversity with the critical pillars of ESG. It's not just about sourcing; it's about responsible, sustainable, and accountable sourcing. ensures businesses do not have to embark on that journey in isolation.

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