SHINE Announces Partnership for Workplace Well-Being

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The Sustainability and Health Initiative for Netpositive Enterprise (SHINE) joined the Human Flourishing Programme and is now part of the Institute for Quantitative Social Science, where SHINE will continue its work to advance a systematic approach to human flourishing at the organisational level.

“It is exciting to welcome the SHINE research team into the Human Flourishing Programme,” says Tyler VanderWeele, director of the Human Flourishing Programme, “as the work that we’ve been able to do together has considerably advanced our knowledge on promoting well-being in the workplace, and having SHINE with us will simply strengthen this work yet further.”

“Our two programmes’ missions are aligned,” explains SHINE Executive Director Eileen McNeely. “SHINE focuses on the study of flourishing at work — including the drivers and levers for change, the role of leadership and organisational culture, the connection to corporate goals and purpose, the state of the physical and psychosocial environments, work-life balance, work arrangements now and in the future, health and economic inequities, occupational health and safety, supply chain resilience, and social impact reporting — in an effort to drive collective impact that transforms flourishing for all.”

With a focus on research and education, SHINE will convene #SHINESummit 2023 on Oct. 3-4 on campus. “Revisiting the Productivity Dilemma: The Humanity of Work and What It Means for Sustainable Business” will address how the meaning and metrics of work have been forever changed, the opportunity that this change provides to rethink how we measure corporate performance and to develop new business measurement tools that promote flourishing. The Summit will kick off with a keynote by VanderWeele on the “Business Case for Flourishing.”

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Source: The Harvard Gazette


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