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Global sportswear giant PUMA has expanded the geographical scope of its innovative Voices of a RE:GENERATION initiative, reaching far beyond the borders of Europe and the United States.

Furthermore, the company has welcomed the inclusion of Aishwarya Sharma, a prominent advocate for sustainable fashion in India, into this transformative project.

Aishwarya Sharma now stands among PUMA's select group of forward-thinking individuals, forming part of their year-long endeavour to propel their sustainability initiatives forward by partnering with young environmental champions.

Hailing from Delhi, India, Aishwarya ardently champions the cause of steering the fashion industry towards sustainability, earning recognition for her stances on women's rights, fashion, social media, and climate change. Her influence extends to high-profile events like COP27.

Launched in April of this year, PUMA's initiative empowers a cohort of Young Voices, giving them a platform alongside influential stakeholders to help the brand pinpoint critical areas for enhancement.

Up to this point, PUMA's Young Voices have engaged in discussions with key figures within the company to assess progress and confront challenges linked to their FOREVER.BETTER Sustainability Strategy.

This collaboration has resulted in the creation of the PUMA RE:GEN Reports as well as a podcast series aimed at engaging the younger generations on sustainability and PUMA's 10FOR25 sustainability goals.

The genesis of the podcast stemmed from consumer feedback gathered during PUMA's Conference of the People event in 2022, which underscored the need for more compelling sustainability communications that resonate with the next generation.

The latest stride in this initiative will bring Aishwarya into the fold, where she will meet and collaborate with PUMA's existing Young Voices ensemble, which includes:

  • Andrew Burgess, a resourceful upcycler based in the United States.

  • Luke Jaque-Rodney, a vlogger promoting sustainable and healthy living in Germany.

  • Jade Roche, a creative consultant and visual artist with a base in France.

Notably, Alice Aedy has amicably withdrawn from participation in the initiative.

Aishwarya Sharma officially joined PUMA's Voices of a RE:GENERATION initiative in September, embarking on a mission to explore the challenges and opportunities confronting the brand in the realm of sustainability. Her role will encompass offering actionable recommendations for change while also aiding PUMA in refining its approach to sustainability communication for its audience in India.

Expressing her enthusiasm for this partnership, Aishwarya remarked, "My passion as a sustainability advocate lies in increasing awareness. I think it’s so important for people in my community and across the world to understand what is really going on in sustainability, and this partnership with PUMA will grant me an inside view of how a large corporation tackles such a hugely important and complex challenge. Being able to have a voice in how PUMA communicates sustainability is also a great opportunity to drive change and set a precedent across the industry, and I’m very much looking forward to that."

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Source: Puma


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