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PIF-Supported LIV Golf Announces a $1 Million Commitment to Portland Charity

Published on: 2 July 2022 12:25 PM
by KnowESG

LIV Golf has announced that it will donate $1 million to local environmental and community-based organisations in Portland, Oregon, and neighbouring areas in conjunction with the second tournament of the season, the LIV Golf Invitational Portland.

The donation is a continuation of the organisation's "LIV to Give" corporate social responsibility project, which supports education, environmental sustainability, and golf development programmes, as well as the current and prospective well-being of communities.

Atul Khosla, chief operating officer of LIV Golf Investments, said:

"LIV Golf has a bold, long-term vision to grow the game of golf while driving social change in communities across the world. Making a positive impact through collaboration with non-profit organisations and community leaders is an integral part of LIV Golf’s mission, and we are proud to support The Wave Foundation and SEALKIDS Inc., charitable groups committed to protecting our future through environmental support and youth development.”

The Wave Foundation and SEALKIDS will both benefit from the charitable contributions made by LIV Golf.

The Wave Foundation will use the cash to continue its efforts to advance environmental projects addressing climate change, environmental justice, and youth engagement.

Through this grant, LIV Golf will also support the foundation's continued collaborations to establish a more equitable and resilient food system, as well as partnerships with indigenous regional communities that promote environmental sustainability and fairness.

As a result of this contribution, the foundation will continue to support and expand its programmes for meeting the needs of indigenous communities through food and nutrition relief, connecting local food producers to the marketplace, and collaborating on additional self-sufficient economic developments.

Delson Suppah Sr., the tribal elder for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, said:

"The Wave Foundation is very close to my heart for its unwavering commitment to our Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. I appreciate the support of our tribal way of life and the recommendations. I am grateful and humbled by this generous contribution and the continued efforts to help us achieve our mission.”

SEALKIDS is the only national non-profit organisation dedicated to providing specific educational assistance to the children of the US Navy SEAL Community.

Through this gift, LIV Golf will assist children living in extraordinary situations, particularly those in the Oregon region. The academic testing, tutoring, therapy, advocacy, and enrichment strategies of SEALKIDS have a transformative effect on the lives of these children and prepare them for a lifetime of self-confidence and achievement.

Greg Bonifield, SEALKIDS chairman of the board, said:

"Children in the Navy SEAL community have different challenges than other students. This generous donation from LIV Golf will have a lasting impact on our organisation and the children we serve. This grant will help expand our reach as we work to fulfil our mission."

Each recipient will collaborate with LIV Golf to ensure that the programmes provide value to the local communities.

LIV Golf is owned and operated by LIV Golf Investments, whose goal and mission is to make sustainable investments to improve the global golf ecosystem and harness the sport's unrealised global potential.

Source: Arab News

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