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As part of Osborne Clarke's ongoing commitment to achieving net zero emissions, the firm is introducing a specialised carbon literacy course in the United Kingdom.

This initiative, endorsed by the Carbon Literacy Project, initially targets the UK Executive Board and will subsequently extend to a wider audience, encompassing opportunities for clients and suppliers to participate in the training by 2024.

This unique course equips Osborne Clarke's personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to make a more profound impact, both individually and collectively, in addressing the pressing climate crisis. Participants will have a full day of learning, co-developed in collaboration with Speak Carbon Collective, encompassing the following areas:

  • Science and Impacts: Delving into the root causes and repercussions of the climate emergency, the associated risks for UK and international businesses, and the principles of climate justice.

  • Policy: Exploring the roles of global entities like the United Nations and COP frameworks, the regulatory landscape in the UK regarding emissions, Osborne Clarke's own objectives and strategy, and the essence of 'net zero.'

  • Action: Understanding how to calculate carbon footprints, what factors contribute to high or low footprints, effective communication about climate concerns, identifying the 'levers of influence,' and fostering both individual and collective climate action.

In addition to providing insights into the latest climate science and its impacts, the course elucidates Osborne Clarke's own efforts in measuring, reporting, and reducing its carbon emissions. It also empowers participants to recognise their spheres of influence within their roles and harness the tools at their disposal to expedite decarbonisation.

Mary Lavin, the Sustainability and Reporting Manager at Osborne Clarke, remarked, "Our approach to Carbon Literacy is characterised by ongoing growth. The more individuals complete this training, the greater the collective effort to mitigate carbon emissions. Once certified, our participants will have the capacity to guide others in comprehending and reducing their carbon footprints, including the possibility of becoming certified Carbon Literacy trainers to facilitate the course's broader implementation."

Alison Tomlin, the lead trainer from Speak Carbon Collective, added, "Osborne Clarke stands out among a select group of UK law firms championing Carbon Literacy. Collaborating to create a tailor-made course for the firm and implementing this training has been an immensely rewarding experience. The resolute commitment of the Executive Board to Carbon Literacy will spur decisive actions, resulting in substantial emissions reductions in the months and years to come."

Osborne Clarke is presently awaiting validation from the Science-Based Targets Initiative for its long-term target of reducing carbon emissions by 2040. The firm has also conducted an audit to engage with its suppliers and conducted a strategic review of its procurement practices to address major sources of emissions.

The firm manages its sustainability commitments through the "Osborne Clarke for Good" framework, which shapes its approach to responsible business. The first report in this regard was published in 2022.

The efforts of OC Planet, an employee-led sustainable business group, were highlighted in the report, alongside Osborne Clarke's longstanding partnership with the Avon Wildlife Trust. The firm is among the 60 signatory companies of the Greener Litigation Pledge and takes active measures to minimise its environmental impact within its practice.

Furthermore, Osborne Clarke is featured in the Legal 500 UK Green Guide, along with its teams in Poland and Italy, for its notable work in areas such as renewable energy, sustainable finance, and the implementation of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) policies.

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