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The nationwide Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Practice Group has been launched by Ogletree Deakins, a management-focused labour and employment law firm.

The group, led by Simone Francis (St. Thomas and New York) and Charles Baldwin (Indianapolis), will concentrate on human capital issues within the ESG.

“We recognise ESG involves unique and sometimes difficult challenges and that employers would like to develop and comply with those initiatives while minimising the potential for audits, shareholder demands, litigation, and other adverse, reputational outcomes,” said Baldwin and Francis, co-chairs of the Environmental, Social, and Governance Practice Group. “Our goal is to provide firm clients with business-oriented and practical solutions as they navigate the myriad of issues that arise in connection with ESG initiatives.”

The ESG Practice Group at Ogletree Deakins comprises over 25 attorney advisors who provide practical advice and insights to employers on pay equity, executive compensation, diversity and inclusion, and traditional labour matters related to ESG.

The interdisciplinary group conducts proactive audits on human capital issues, guides the development of ESG initiatives for public and private companies, and assists public companies with ESG-related shareholder proposals.

Charles Baldwin, former Managing Director, and Simone Francis, office managing shareholder in St. Thomas, lead Ogletree Deakins’ ESG Practice Group. They have both been with the firm for over 20 years and bring a wealth of experience in labour and employment law matters, including diversity and inclusion issues. Baldwin focuses on advocating for management, while Francis spearheads proactive solutions and represents employers in contested proceedings.

The Ogletree Deakins’ ESG Practice Group will benefit from insights from its Steering Committee members, including Rodolfo Agraz, Kelly Cardin, and John Morrison, who are experienced attorneys specialising in labour, pay equity, and executive compensation respectively. Further information about the firm's ESG Practice Group can be found here.

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