Newcastle's Climate Roadmap: Combatting Change

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Net zero carbon emissions, renewable energy initiatives, extensive cycleways, wildlife corridors, and eco-friendly construction materials are just some of the steps the City of Newcastle (CN) is taking to shape an enduring environmental legacy for future generations.

The draft Newcastle Environment Strategy, unveiled by CN, will be presented at the upcoming Council meeting, marking the beginning of a proposed four-week public exhibition period.

Framed around three key focus areas—climate change, nature-based solutions, and the circular economy—the Strategy charts a 10-year environmental roadmap for a sustainable Newcastle, with 15 crucial actions earmarked for implementation within the initial four years.

Nuatali Nelmes, the Lord Mayor of Newcastle, expressed her conviction that this Strategy would build upon the city's long-standing commitment to safeguarding and enhancing the environment.

She emphasised Newcastle's reputation as a local government leader in environmental preservation and progressive initiatives, tracing it back to the impactful Pathways to Sustainability conference held in 1997 under former Lord Mayor Greg Heys' guidance.

"At the heart of this Strategy lies our dedication to protect and enrich Newcastle's natural treasures today and for future generations of Novocastrians," asserted Cr Nelmes.

Shaped by the input of over 2,600 community members and environmental experts, who contributed more than 4,500 valuable pieces of feedback during the Community Strategic Plan engagement programme, the Strategy truly represents a shared community vision for the environment.

The plan outlines a series of actions to be implemented by CN in collaboration with state and federal governments, businesses, and the community by the year 2027.

Among the initiatives, CN is committed to transitioning its vehicles, machinery, and equipment to electric-powered or low-emission alternatives while simultaneously expanding the urban forest to create interconnected green corridors that provide sanctuaries for iconic, endangered, and pollinator species.

The Strategy also aims to incorporate indigenous knowledge, working alongside local traditional custodians to improve land management practices. Furthermore, it envisions a significant increase in the use of recycled materials and sustainable products in CN's day-to-day operations and construction endeavours.

Deputy Lord Mayor Declan Clausen emphasised that the Strategy is an unequivocal guide to achieving Newcastle's progressive environmental aspirations. He noted that by adhering to the Strategy's accompanying delivery plan, the city can realise its ambitions of achieving net zero emissions, enhancing climate resilience, and embracing circular economy solutions.

In synergy with CN's Sustainable Waste Strategy, Newcastle Transport Strategy, On Our Bikes Cycling Plan, and Newcastle Climate Action Plan 2021-2025, the Newcastle Environment Strategy stands as a pivotal pillar in the city's holistic approach towards sustainability.

Pending approval from Councillors at the upcoming meeting, the draft Strategy will undergo a four-week public exhibition, allowing community members to have their say and contribute to shaping Newcastle's environmental future. As a unique opportunity to capture diverse perspectives on Newcastle's environment, CN will also host a free photography competition, inviting participants to showcase their appreciation for the city's natural beauty.

In essence, the City of Newcastle's Environment Strategy is a bold testament to its unwavering commitment to building a flourishing, eco-conscious community, ensuring that the city remains an exemplar of environmental stewardship for generations to come.

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Source: City of Newcastle


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