Nazdar Recognised by EcoVadis for Sustainability

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Nazdar, a prominent manufacturer of inks and coatings catering to diverse commercial applications, has received the prestigious Silver EcoVadis Medal for its commendable sustainability endeavours.

This coveted accolade reflects Nazdar's dedication to promoting sustainability and adhering to high social standards across global markets.

Situated in Shawnee, KS, Nazdar takes great pleasure in announcing its receipt of the Silver EcoVadis Medal, an esteemed recognition for its sustainability efforts.

EcoVadis, an international organisation established in 2007, diligently evaluates companies' sustainable practices and adherence to stringent social standards. The evaluation encompasses aspects such as environmental management, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

EcoVadis, during its recent assessment of Nazdar, closely examined the company's ongoing sustainability initiatives and future plans for implementing additional environmental programmes. Impressed by Nazdar's approach, EcoVadis awarded the organisation a silver medal as a testament to its exemplary work. This achievement positions Nazdar among the top 25 per cent of companies evaluated by EcoVadis.

Nazdar upholds a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship and has launched several initiatives aimed at not only achieving its own sustainability goals but also assisting customers who share similar ambitions. As a recipient of the EcoVadis silver medal, Nazdar now stands alongside some of the world's leading companies in terms of sustainability and environmental protection.

Evan Benbow, Vice President of Research and Development at Nazdar, expresses utmost delight at the recognition of their sustainable efforts. Benbow emphasises the company's pride in its diverse environmental programmes and their positive impact on both the business and its customers.

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