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Microsoft Incorporates Three New Managed Services To Boost Cybersecurity

Published on: 11 May 2022 11:47 AM

In research of satisfying the security needs of companies, Microsoft developed a secure compliant product that consists of three new managed services in order to grow its cybersecurity business.

Security is a top priority for every organization undergoing a digital transformation,” CEO Satya Nadella said on the company’s earnings call last month. To this end, Microsoft recently created a new Security, Compliance, Identity, and Management organization of 10,000 existing and open positions led by Charlie Bell, a former Amazon Web Services executive.

As a result, the company stated that in January, it recorded a revenue of more than $15 billion from security products in the past 12 months, a growth of 45% year over year. These numbers represent more than 8% of Microsoft’s total revenue for that time period, and three times the annual revenue of Palo Alto Networks, the largest publicly traded standalone IT security company by market value. The customer base of Microsoft also increased by nearly 50% year-over-year in the most recent quarter, to 785,000.

Microsoft Security Experts is the product of the most refined technologies and relies on human-led services to reach new standards of security and productive outcomes, according to Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft corporate vice president for security, compliance, identity and privacy.

The new services include Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting, Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR, and Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise. More information on these new projects will probably be communicated during the Microsoft Security Summit, where Jakkal and Nadella will speak.

Source: GeekWire

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