Mashreq Empowers Women with Reignite Global Programme

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Advancing the principles of diversity and inclusivity (D&I), the initiative caters to women possessing the requisite skill set who are eager to reintegrate into the workforce.

Designed for women across all levels, from junior to senior associates, the programme is tailored to encompass a diverse spectrum of female professionals.

It is tailored to women who meet the qualification criteria, having taken a break of at least 12 months from full-time employment due to maternity, elderly care, familial responsibilities, pursuing higher education, personal interests, or other commitments.

To ensure a personalised and impactful experience within the organisation, participants will be grouped according to their skills, prior experience, and the necessary training required to excel in their chosen roles.

Under the banner of the 'Reignite' initiative, Mashreq has meticulously formulated a comprehensive roadmap for women at all stages of their careers, concentrating on skill enhancement, mentoring, and upskilling to enable them to adeptly assume their previous job functions.

Leveraging its extensive network of professionals, the Bank will facilitate hands-on training and access to comprehensive modules focused on leadership development.

Prospective candidates can apply for any of the existing vacancies at Mashreq globally. Throughout the programme's duration, returnees will be guided by career counsellors who will assist them in crafting personal growth strategies. Participants will also partake in workshops and receive sustained support during on-the-job training, ensuring a seamless and empowering reentry into the workforce.

Speaking about this groundbreaking initiative, Ahmed Abdelaal, Group Chief Executive Officer of Mashreq, expressed,

"The well-being of our diverse workforce directly impacts employee morale, which in turn affects service delivery, output quality, and customer satisfaction. As an integral aspect of our progressive D&I strategy's Gender Balance & Women’s Empowerment pillar, we take immense pride in introducing 'Reignite'. This endeavour enables us to identify and nurture latent female talent in the market, simultaneously generating fresh career avenues to empower women."

Hamda Al Shamali, Chief People and Intellectual Capital Officer at Mashreq, further remarked,

"At Mashreq, our commitment to empowering women is unwavering, and the 'Reignite' programme is a pivotal component of our ongoing endeavours in this domain. Our goal is to eliminate obstacles for women within the workplace, fostering a gender-neutral and all-inclusive environment where employees can advance based on their competencies, qualifications, and experience."

The programme underscores Mashreq's steadfast dedication to constructing a diverse and resilient workforce by tapping into a motivated global talent pool via an array of pioneering initiatives and industry-first practices.

The Bank has instituted various developmental initiatives for women, particularly focusing on placing women in senior management roles. Mashreq's leadership team remains resolute in their support for women's career progression within the organisation.

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Source: Mashreq


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