LME Partners with Metals Industry to Boost ESG Data

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KnowESG_LME Partners with Metals Industry to Boost ESG Data
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The London Metal Exchange (LME) has embarked on a global collaborative effort with producers and standards organisations to enhance its digital ESG data platform, known as LMEpassport.

This initiative aims to furnish the metals industry with access to comprehensive, verified, and diverse sustainability information about global producers.

Georgina Hallett, Chief Sustainability Officer at LME, emphasised the significance of ESG data transparency and comparability in addressing sustainability challenges across the industry.

She expressed delight that over 50% of LME-listed brands are now sharing their sustainability credentials through LMEpassport.

Additionally, 12 new sets of certifications, metrics, and standards have been incorporated to facilitate producer disclosures. The LME is committed to rallying the industry to advance the global sustainability agenda through continued collaboration with industry partners.

As of now, LMEpassport boasts 466 disclosures from 219 brands, a remarkable leap from the 22 available at its launch in 2021. This includes a spectrum of 54 certifications, standards, and metrics covering various ESG aspects.

Producers are now able to showcase a wide array of sustainability-related goals and commitments, all while monitoring their progress. In response to increased engagement and data, LMEpassport has introduced a new feature allowing users to compare the ESG disclosures of up to five producers side by side.

For more information about LMEpassport and the LME’s sustainability strategy, please visit their website.

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