Kerala's RT Mission Honoured by UNWTO

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Kerala's ( a southern Indian state) Responsible Tourism (RT) Mission has achieved notable recognition by making it to the Global List of Case Studies of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

This accomplishment adds another feather to the State's cap, acknowledging its innovative grassroots development programme.

The UNWTO specifically commended Kerala Tourism for effectively aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while advancing the travel industry in the State.

The state's commitment to utilising local resources and products in the promotion of RT destinations has been highlighted as a key factor in sourcing the necessary means to fulfill its objectives in line with the SDGs.

Kerala's RT Mission is notably featured among the seven G20 countries, with Maharashtra being the sole other Indian state recognised, particularly for its Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve project.

The international recognition received by Kerala and Maharashtra positions them alongside countries like Mexico, Germany, Mauritius, Turkey, Italy, Brazil, and Canada on the UNWTO list.

Department of Tourism Secretary K. Biju believes that this global honour will motivate the state to expand and upscale the RT model to more areas, contributing to the growth of the local industry.

Kerala Tourism Director PB Nooh, reflecting on the state's hosting of the first-ever Responsible Tourism Global Summit in February, highlighted how the UNWTO Citation further solidifies 'God's Own Country' on the world tourism map.

Importantly, the UNWTO citation comes shortly after the Kerala RT Mission received the Global Award in the 'Best for Local Sourcing – Craft and Food' category. This award, presented by the Responsible Tourism Partnership and International Centre for Responsible Tourism (ICRT), recognises Kerala's sustainable and women-inclusive initiatives.

Kerala RT Mission State Coordinator K. Rupeshkumar sees these accolades as endorsements of the tireless efforts made by the State RT Mission in driving overall socio-economic development through tourism-boosting initiatives.

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