InspIR Group Embraces ESG and Venture Stage Company Counsel

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InspIR Group, the leading cross-border strategic investor relations and communications strategy firm, announced the appointment of top industry talent through the internal promotion of Zelmira Silva to Partner.

InspIR is still growing in high-demand, high-growth areas like ESG strategic content development, materiality, benchmarking, GRI and SASB reporting, and strategic counsel for early-stage private to pre-public firms.

Monique Skruzny, InspIR’s CEO and Founder said: 

"InspIR’s most recent senior-level appointment reflects the depth and breadth of our expertise in speciality services that are critically important to companies looking to elevate to global best practice standards. 

"InspIR is widely known for our work in Strategic Counsel with later-stage and public companies, including ESG communications. But today, our Early-Stage Strategic Counsel practice is also enabling start-up founders to effectively articulate their investment stories and develop targeted financing strategies."

"As our clients try to raise money in the late seed, A, and B rounds, our team is helping them build a business plan and pitch deck, coaching them on how to give presentations, and coming up with ways to get more media attention. We’re also advising on financing strategy and VC networking and, in many cases, providing introductions to potential partners and customers by leveraging our team’s experience of over 20 years in advisory work across industries.”

Since 2019, Zelmira Silva has been a Senior Consultant at InspIR. She has helped grow the company's ESG Communications Practice, with a focus on ESG Strategy Presentations, Materiality Assessments, ESG Benchmarking, and the creation of Sustainability Reports based on GRI and SASB standards. 

Zelmira is an economist and a former consultant who has worked in market and investment research, strategic content development, investor pitching, company valuation, and both private and public share offerings.

Zelmira previously worked as an independent consultant since 2003, advising top global enterprises and organisations in financial services, media, telecoms, OEM, textiles, oil and gas, and other industries on strategic, market, and investment pitch advice.

She has done evaluations of competitiveness for the World Bank and analyses of equity for investment firms. Before becoming an independent consultant, Zelmira worked as the Managing Director of CoInvest, an Argentine investment vehicle dealing in distressed debt and restructuring situations.

She joined CoInvest after working as the Chief of Advisors to the Argentine Secretary of Industry, Commerce, and Mining and as the Director of the Argentine Government's Investment Promotion Agency. Before these positions, Zelmira was McKinsey & Co.'s Head of Research & Information for the Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile offices, as well as a consultant with the Argentine business Alpha, where she advised large investment banks and equity funds on corporate valuations.

Source: InspIR Group

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