HKBN Appoints Edith Ngan to Chair ESG Committee

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HKBN Ltd. is thrilled to announce the establishment of an Environmental, Social, and Governance Committee (ESG Committee) and the appointment of Edith Manling Ngan as an Independent Non-executive Director of its Board and as Chairman of its ESG Committee. NiQ Lai, Agus Tandiono, and Stanley Chow will serve as members of the ESG Committee, enabling HKBN to steer, review, and monitor its overall ESG strategies, including policy and compliance, risk management, and new initiatives, as well as relevant progress and performance.

The establishment of this ESG Committee puts HKBN among the few HK-listed companies to champion ESG at the highest level. Moreover, HKBN has also introduced its new ESG vision to "lead as an innovative enabler" via "Talent Co-Ownership", "Technology for good", and "Transforming business". 

As an industry ESG enabler, the Group is currently developing new business opportunities that will empower customers to balance operational sustainability and profitability. Internally, HKBN continues to integrate ESG priorities across every facet of its operation to create real, tangible impacts for its many stakeholder groups.

HKBN Independent Non-executive Director and Chairman of the ESG Committee, Edith Ngan, said:

"I am thrilled to join HKBN's Board and become a part of its journey to lead in so many areas, particularly in ESG. I'm also excited by this opportunity to help the Group enhance its ESG governance, long-term goals and performance."

HKBN Co-Owner and Group CEO, NiQ Lai, said: 

"Edith's solid experience and expertise will enrich our Group's value with a more diversified perspective on governance. Through her appointment, our Board of Directors has transformed to a new level of diversity, aligning HKBN's long-term vision to exceed international standards in representation and gender diversity."

As a leader in Purpose, HKBN tops Hong Kong's telecommunications industry with AA ratings in ESG. In 2021, HKBN earned an AA rating from MSCI's ESG Ratings. Since 2016, HKBN has been a constituent of the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index and has been recognised with AA ratings for the past two consecutive years (2020 and 2021).

Source: PRNewswire

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