Gucci Attains Gender Parity Certification in Italy

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Gucci has made history as the inaugural Italian luxury brand to obtain gender parity certification, a crucial component of the Italian government's National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP).

This remarkable recognition was earned through a voluntary evaluation process overseen by Bureau Veritas, a leading global provider of inspection, compliance verification, and certification services.

The external audit for gender parity certification acknowledged Gucci's unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion, exemplified by its management model that facilitates continuous improvement and monitoring of key performance indicators related to gender equality within the organisation.

This milestone for Gucci in achieving gender parity certification builds upon its longstanding dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion, which have been at the core of the brand's sustainability strategy. The accomplishment follows the adoption of a gender report for Italy in 2021.

The certification is based on six key indicators: culture and strategy, governance, human resources processes, opportunities for women's growth and inclusion, gender pay equity, parenting protection, and work-life balance. Gucci received positive evaluations in each of these areas, demonstrating the brand's concerted efforts to meet gender equality standards:

Culture and strategy: Gucci has implemented a robust monitoring system to assess the impact of policies and drive continuous improvements. A three-year strategic plan is in place to guide specific actions in support of equality.

Governance: Gucci has established governance policies, including the Global Equity Board led by Marco Bizzarri, Gucci's President and CEO, as well as the Gender Equality Steering Committee. These structures define the brand's vision and priorities for diversity and inclusion. Since 2019, an action plan has focused on enhancing diversity and inclusion, particularly in managerial positions, and supporting female leadership.

HR Processes: Gucci ensures gender equality through comprehensive policies in selection, recruitment, career management, pay equity, internal mobility, and succession. The brand is committed to driving its global HR and Talent Acquisition teams to prioritise inclusive hiring practices, leveraging innovative technologies to reduce bias in the selection process.

Opportunities for growth and inclusion of women: Gucci fosters inclusivity through career advancement programmes, talent development initiatives, and comprehensive training plans. Diversity and inclusion awareness is raised through training programs available to all employees and seamlessly integrated into the induction process.

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Gender pay equity: Gucci conducts a thorough global analysis of gender pay equity and aims to eliminate any gaps by implementing initiatives aligned with the Kering Group's objectives to address gender inequality by 2025. Another study will be conducted in the second half of 2023.

Support for parenting and work-life balance: Gucci prioritises work-life balance through various initiatives, including a hybrid work model and comprehensive parental leave policies. The brand ensures a minimum of 14 weeks of fully paid paternity, adoption, or partner care leave. Listening sessions and coaching programmes are also provided to support new fathers and parents in their return to work.

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Source: Gucci


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