FURA Gems Appoints Mazars SA and Begins Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) Process

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FURA Gems said it had started the certification process with the RJC, which shows that it is committed to responsibly doing business.

Mazars Switzerland will be in charge of the project and help FURA Gems and all of its mines in Colombia for emeralds, Mozambique for rubies, and Australia for sapphires through the RJC preparation process.

FURA has already registered its location in Australia with RJC. Now, FURA will try to get the group and all its operating sites certified. With Mazar's support, FURA will target completing the certification process on or before December 31, 2023, for all its operating locations.

The RJC certification is part of FURA's ambitious ESG strategy since its inception in 2017. This year, FURA and Gübelin formed a partnership so that all of Gübelin's stones could be tracked using the Provenance Proof Blockchain. RJC certification is another significant step toward FURA's lofty ESG goals.

"This is a strong statement from our side, as we launch certification of all our mines producing emeralds, rubies, and sapphires," says Dev Shetty, Founder & CEO of FURA Gems. "The certification process will enable us to formalise our commitment since our foundation: to provide the jewellery market with traceable, sustainably sourced colour gemstones. To do this, we've chosen Mazars as the best partner to run the process at all of our production sites and our headquarters. Mazars offers the ideal combination of regional expertise and global perspective, enabling us to conduct the project with the greatest level of competencies & professionalism."

Franck Paucod, Partner at Mazars, explains, "We are thrilled to accompany FURA Gems through the demanding process of RJC COP Certification. FURA's commitment to responsible mining is shown by the fact that they are working on the project for all three mines at the same time. We are confident that with our experiences in the gems and jewellery sector, we will be able to support FURA with its commitment to building a solid framework to achieve the RJC certification.”

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Source: Bluefield Daily Telegraph


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