ETK ESG Framework to Drive Green Growth in Africa

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KnowESG_ETK ESG Framework to Drive Green Growth in Africa
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An Africa-focused Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) framework is being developed to assist companies in measuring their non-financial performance within the context of their everyday operations.

This initiative was unveiled at a recent partner event in Lagos, Nigeria. During the event, Mrs. Bolaji Sofoluwe, the Managing Director of ETK Group, introduced the ESG framework.

She emphasised that while existing frameworks lack a scoring system, ETK's Africa-focused ESG framework aims to align with international best practices to ensure the adoption of a reflective scoring system.

Brent Barnette, the Operations Director at ETK Group, emphasised the significance of adopting an Africa-focused ESG approach to enhance business outcomes.

This approach includes various baseline assessments such as materiality, risk analysis, and the impact of supply chain challenges. It also encompasses strategy development, the implementation of mitigation and adaptation plans, and other services geared towards achieving meaningful results for businesses.

The event also explored the necessity of managed services solutions to support businesses and entrepreneurs operating from abroad, either temporarily or permanently.

ETK Group, a market expansion, trade, and development consultancy provider, is positioned to contribute to the growth of the African business market by facilitating international business opportunities.

They are recognised as leaders in market entry and business expansion within Africa and are the preferred go-to-market entry partner for global businesses. ETK Group offers effective strategy development, planning, implementation, and e-consultancy services to ensure seamless and successful expansion into and across Africa.

The organisation is strategically linked to international markets, providing unique and enduring value to its clients. With a track record of successful projects in 34 African markets and influence over $1 billion worth of deals, ETK Group is among the most prolific service providers in the African business landscape.

ETK ConnectXperience, their second event in Nigeria, presented numerous partnership and networking opportunities aimed at enhancing businesses' competitiveness and fostering growth in the global marketplace.

Distinguished guests at the event included representatives from the Bank of Industry, the International Finance Corporation, Mastercard Foundation, General Electric, Africa Prudential, and other reputable organisations.

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Source: ETK


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