EcoOnline, YuzeData Partner for Sustainability

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EcoOnline, a leading provider of EHSQ and ESG software solutions, has joined forces with YuzeData in a strategic partnership aimed at bridging data gaps and empowering customers to enhance their performance and streamline reporting processes, ultimately fostering predictive and impactful actions.

This collaboration opens up opportunities for EcoOnline's clientele to streamline the integration of verifiable and auditable data into the EcoOnline platform, paving the way for more informed, strategic, and data-driven decision-making.

Espen Gravdal, VP of Product at EcoOnline, emphasised the significance of this alliance, stating, "Our partnership with YuzeData represents a pivotal stride in creating added value for our customers. Together, we address a crucial challenge that many of our clients face: accessing various data sources, ensuring their accuracy and completeness for reporting purposes, and automating actionable insights to drive better outcomes."

Initially, this partnership will prioritise specific objectives to benefit EcoOnline's customers:

  • Facilitating the seamless flow of data from source systems via the YuzeData Connected Data Platform into the EcoOnline platform. For ESG reporting, this entails supplying the requisite data for CSRD reporting to EcoOnline's Ecometrica sustainability solution for climate accounting and reporting. In the realm of EHSQ leadership, it equates to gaining access to real-time leading indicator data within safety and compliance solutions.

  • Establishing connections between the EcoOnline platform and other customer systems (e.g., HR, ERP, Supplier Management, and Work Order systems) to facilitate data exchange and streamline critical processes across EHS, ESG, and other business departments.

YuzeData's platform plays a pivotal role in enabling businesses to achieve compliance and performance goals by seamlessly combining modern, data-driven automated actions with expert tools in ESG and EHSQ. YuzeData's mission revolves around infusing human insight into machine intelligence.

Noelle Harvey, VP of Product at YuzeData, shared her insights on this collaboration, stating, "At YuzeData, we're dedicated to simplifying data connectivity, deploying intelligent models, and enhancing outcomes through collaborative tools for ESG and EHSQ professionals.

"Trustworthy data serves as the foundation for addressing data-related challenges preceding reporting and performance management. We are thrilled that our partnership with EcoOnline will extend our solution to new customers across Europe and North America."

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Source: EcoOnline


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