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Bentley Motors has revealed that it will make Diversity and Inclusion a fundamental part of its operations by establishing a new, expanded team that reports directly to the CEO.

Diversity and Inclusion will no longer be the sole responsibility of the Human Resources department, as it will now be integrated into the cross-functional Communications department. This move will place D&I under the joint leadership of Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and CEO, and Dr. Karen Lange, Board Member for Human Resources.

Bentley Motors' restructuring is designed to accelerate the implementation of its five-pillar Diversity and Inclusion strategy, which is centred around outreach, recruitment, succession planning, culture, and development.

The cornerstone of this strategy is the creation of diversity networks among colleagues, which will facilitate the integration of a comprehensive understanding of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By establishing these networks, Bentley Motors aims to support the growth, development, and recruitment of the next generation of talent, creativity, ideas, and customers necessary for the company's success in the next generation of products.

Bentley Motors currently has five networks focusing on various aspects of diversity, with almost 500 colleagues representing over 10% of the workforce actively engaged in them.

Acknowledging the significance of diverse experiences and perspectives in fostering creativity and innovation, Bentley Motors has set a target of increasing diversity in management to 30% by 2025 and is developing a roadmap to ensure the achievement of this goal.

As a result of the restructuring, Wayne Bruce has been appointed as the Chief Communications and D&I Officer, adding Bentley's D&I strategy to his portfolio of responsibilities. Bruce will report to both Adrian Hallmark and Karen Lange.

Additionally, Anne Hoerner, formerly the Head of D&I in the Human Resources department, will work with Wayne Bruce within the Communications team to implement and integrate the D&I strategy throughout the organisation. Meanwhile, Stefanie Lackner, the Head of Sustainability Communications, will remain in charge of D&I communications both within and outside the company and will become the third member of the D&I team.

Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and CEO of Bentley Motors, commented on the strategic change, saying:

"We recognise that diversity is a key driver of success, and promoting a broader range of experiences and perspectives, as well as fostering inclusion, facilitates collaboration in business strategy, innovation, and decision-making. We firmly believe that it is a fundamental component of the business and should therefore be a central function that permeates every aspect of the organisation.

"We believe that a diverse and inclusive culture, where everyone is supported in reaching their full potential, is what will propel our business forward. Working closely with this newly formed team, we are confident that we will achieve our goal of becoming the world's most diverse luxury car manufacturer."

In 2020, Bentley unveiled its "Beyond100" strategy, which outlines how the company will lead the way in sustainable luxury mobility. Bentley was the first automaker in its industry to declare its ambition to achieve end-to-end carbon neutrality by 2030, and it was also the first to launch plug-in electric luxury vehicles.

Additionally, Bentley's factory is the only carbon-neutral luxury car plant globally, earning certification for the fourth consecutive year. The company has also received the net zero plastic to nature certification, another industry first.

While Beyond100 is centred around sustainability, Bentley's aspirations go beyond that. The company aims to become the most diverse luxury car brand, with a workforce as exceptional and diverse as its customers and the bespoke vehicles they commission, which can be customised in over 40 billion configurations.

Bentley has a strict zero-tolerance policy towards any form of bias or discrimination. However, the company is also proud to employ individuals from 52 different nationalities and supports diversity and inclusivity in all its forms, irrespective of factors such as race, age, gender, sexual orientation, background, nationality, ethnicity, beliefs, or physical and mental abilities.

Bentley's goal is clear: it aims to make its business mirror its international customer base and, most importantly, create a work environment where all employees feel secure to express their authentic selves. This objective aligns with the company's belief that only an inclusive and diverse culture, where everyone is empowered to achieve their maximum potential, regardless of their background, can drive Bentley's success for the next century.

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