Deloitte, Partners Team Up to Simplify ESG Compliance

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Deloitte has expanded its partnerships with Informatica and Workiva to help clients improve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices.

By combining Informatica’s AI-powered data management platform with Workiva’s reporting tools and Deloitte's expertise, they aim to make it easier for companies to implement and report on ESG initiatives accurately and quickly.

Rebecca Chasen, a partner at Deloitte, stressed the importance of sustainability for businesses today. She explained that ESG goes beyond just meeting rules—it is a key factor for growth and staying competitive. Deloitte, with its experience and tools from Informatica and Workiva, is ready to help companies make meaningful changes in sustainability practices.

Deloitte’s "2023 CxO Sustainability Report" found that many business leaders struggle to measure their environmental impact due to data issues and a focus on short-term goals. As ESG becomes more crucial, good data management is essential. Deloitte, Informatica, and Workiva aim to simplify this process for companies.

Levent Ergin from Informatica highlighted their history of helping companies manage data effectively. He mentioned that adding Workiva's reporting platform enhances their joint solutions, providing clients with a clear view of their operations worldwide.

Corey Wells from Workiva emphasised their platform's unique ability to bring together financial reporting, ESG, and compliance in one secure place. By partnering with Informatica and Deloitte, they aim to help companies adopt responsible practices and improve transparency in reporting, gaining a competitive edge.

The collaboration between Deloitte, Informatica, and Workiva aims to address common challenges in ESG reporting, such as meeting regulations, building trust through transparent reporting, and aligning with responsible business practices for a positive environmental impact.

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