Daniels Highlights Social Impact Achievements

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Toronto-based developer Daniels Corporation has released its second annual social impact report, titled Bringing Impact to Life.

The report outlines Daniels’s social impact efforts over the past two years, with a focus on “people, the planet, and partnerships.”

The report states Daniels released 33 accessible homes for sale or lease through the firm’s Accessibility Designed Program and spent $197,000 to support initiatives that accelerate accessibility.

Daniels spent $903,000 in social procurement, including $638,000 in local art procurement, built 284 new urban agriculture plots in Daniels communities, and got 400 new residents involved in garden programming.

The firm has also committed $5 million to its Partnership for Affordable Homeownership programme.

In addition, Daniels invested $197,000 to support programmes that improve accessibility.

The partnerships component of the ESG plan included delivering affordable homes to 34 mother-led families at Evolv Rentals in Regent Park. Daniels partnered with Sun Life, Woodgreen Community Services, and the City of Toronto on the project.

“Our driving philosophy at Daniels includes an ongoing commitment to supporting our local communities in tangible ways,” said Heela Omarkhail, vice-president of social impact at Daniels, in a statement. “At Daniels, we are always striving to be a people-first developer and expand our positive impact through inclusive practices, sustainability initiatives, and strategic partnerships.”

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Source: Daily Commercial News


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