CIWM 2022 Announces Festival of Circular Economy Programme

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CIWM has released the full programme for its Festival of Circular Economy, which will feature speakers from some of the world's "best-known companies," such as Google and L'Oréal, as well as "circular economy pioneers" Tony Juniper and Marga Hoek, and architect and TV presenter Charlie Luxton.

CIWM says the "ambitious and diversified" lineup will welcome circular economy innovators from around the world to impart knowledge and experience at every scale, from local firms to global achievements, and will take place virtually over four days from November 28 to December 1.

According to CIWM, the festival will build on the success of last year's first event by highlighting the successes of the circular economy to date and highlighting efforts, ideas, innovations, and wisdom.

Construction, architecture, manufacturing, design, energy, and fashion will all be represented throughout the four days, according to CIWM, and all have a significant role to play in the development of a more circular economy.

CIWM’s CEO, Sarah Poulter, said: 

“The Festival of Circular Economy is a must-attend event for anyone who wants to bring about meaningful change to the way we manage our planet’s finite resources.

“CIWM is committed to bringing people together to create a sustainable planet and, with speakers and delegates from around the globe, the festival has the potential to accelerate our move towards a more circular economy and, ultimately, a world beyond waste.”

CIWM has been organising the Festival of Circular Economy in collaboration with various partners, including the Circular Economy Institute, ReLondon, and WRAP, as well as a slew of supporting partners and collaborators such as ISWA.

Keynote speaker Tony Juniper, said: 

“Meeting the huge challenges of rapid global heating and ecological degradation requires a shift in how economies work, moving from the linear system we have now to a future in which consumption is circular and waste is eliminated.

“This can be done, and there are glimpses of where it is already happening. I very much hope this important meeting will add impetus and scale, taking pioneering efforts into the mainstream.”

Speaking to Circular, Marga Hoek, said at the Festival she planned to speak about “the radical shift that the circular economy provides – a shift in the way we produce, distribute, and consume, and hence a radical business model shift.

“I will explain how this is not only a necessity but a huge business opportunity – maybe even the biggest of all time.”

Source: CIWM

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