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TrusTrace, a global SaaS company renowned for its market-leading platform in supply chain traceability and compliance, has made a significant announcement.

Brooks Running, a prominent name in performance running footwear and apparel, has chosen the TrusTrace platform to gain deeper visibility into its manufacturing supply chain.

This strategic move aims to identify and mitigate responsible sourcing and business continuity risks, furthering Brooks' commitment to sustainability and transparency.

Building a Sustainable Future

TrusTrace CEO and Co-Founder Shameek Ghosh expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasising TrusTrace's vision for a future where all value chains are traceable, circular, and fair.

By collaborating with Brooks, the platform will support the company on its journey towards achieving transparency and responsible sourcing objectives. By collecting granular data on production processes, Brooks will be empowered to improve its supply chain's social and environmental impact while adhering to complex regulations.

Brooks' Commitment to Responsible Sourcing

With a dedication to tracing its supply chain and upholding human rights while reducing environmental impact, Brooks Running is taking tangible steps forward.

Dave Kemp, Director of Corporate Responsibility at Brooks, highlighted the importance of visibility into their manufacturing supply chain to ensure adherence to their Supplier Code of Conduct.

However, the intricacy and scale of the chain make visibility challenging. With TrusTrace, Brooks gains the ability to identify and mitigate risks, strengthening its commitment to responsible sourcing and business continuity.

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Stepping into the Future

Already making significant strides, by the end of 2022, 100% of Brooks' Tier 1 factories were utilising TrusTrace, with more than 130 Tier 2 and 70 Tier 3 factories invited to join the platform.

Looking ahead, Brooks aims to take traceability to the next level by tracing individual products, granting consumers deeper transparency into the manufacturing origins of their purchases. This not only fosters consumer trust but also improves the efficiency of chain of custody data collection to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

TrusTrace Empowering Fashion Brands

As a leader in supply chain traceability and compliance, TrusTrace has established itself as a trusted partner for numerous fashion giants. The platform's real-time, verified data enables seamless integration with various stakeholders, from retailers and manufacturers to suppliers and third-party entities like certification agencies and sustainability solution providers. TrusTrace's open architecture makes the journey towards a traceable and sustainable supply chain a reality.


Brooks Running's partnership with TrusTrace marks a pivotal moment in pursuing responsible sourcing and supply chain transparency. Through cutting-edge technology and granular data collection, Brooks is poised to make a lasting impact on the social and environmental aspects of its operations.

As the journey towards sustainability continues, TrusTrace's platform serves as an invaluable tool, uniting fashion brands worldwide in their commitment to a circular and responsible future. For more information, please visit

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