Boosting Sustainable Jobs with Circular Economy

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The Government of the Australian Capital Territory or ACT Government is providing a plan to create new jobs and develop innovative sustainable businesses by delivering Canberra’s first Circular Economy Strategy and action plan.

The new circular economy strategy recognises the benefits of supporting businesses that reduce waste while also supporting solutions to product development and investment.

Through the strategy and plan, the Government wants to give businesses the tools they need to support more sustainable jobs, create stronger supply chains that reduce waste, and make the most of materials.

The strategy and action plan aims to achieve this across a broad range of industries, from technology and hardware right through to food waste and building products.

It also addresses land use for businesses that might need to process materials that support resource recovery or to help design waste out of our systems in the first place.

The strategy identifies six areas of the economy to lead first efforts:

  • Food and garden organics

  • The built environment

  • Emerging and problematic waste streams

  • Consumer goods

  • A circular economy innovation precinct

  • Procurement, skills, and governance.

Importantly, this strategy is backed by a series of individual action plans that outline specific objectives of Government, industry, business, and our community.

Major reforms have already started to improve resource recovery outcomes for the region.

This includes the bulky waste pick-up service, building a new materials recycling facility, a food organics collection service pilot, and the ACT container deposit scheme.

Canberrans are also demonstrating leadership in growing the circular economy, with some great initiatives such as repair cafes, Community Toolbox Canberra, Lids for Kids and thriving second-hand markets.

Once the strategy is in place across a broad range of industries, the ACT Government aims to make further changes to supply chains and education and help make jobs and businesses more innovative, sustainable, equitable, fair, and profitable.

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Source: ACT Government


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