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Deepa Poduval, a Senior Vice President and industry expert, has been appointed as the Sustainability Leader at Black & Veatch. The company is a prominent global provider of essential infrastructure solutions.

As the new Sustainability Leader, Deepa Poduval will work towards promoting Black & Veatch's sustainability initiatives in accordance with the United Nations (UN) Global Compact's Ten Principles, the CEO Water Mandate, and its Caring for Climate Pledge.

Deepa Poduval has been with Black & Veatch for 18 years and is currently in charge of leading Global Advisory for the company. In her new role as Sustainability Leader, she will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the company's Sustainability Strategy as well as shaping its sustainability efforts as part of its next-generation strategy.

Black & Veatch's focus includes assessing and addressing its progress towards its environmental, social, and governance responsibilities, such as reducing carbon emissions, managing water usage, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, combating corruption, preventing forced labour and human trafficking, and ensuring safety. These initiatives are championed by the company's employee owners.

“As people across the globe gain a better understanding of the importance of sustainability to the preservation of our planet and our future generations, Black & Veatch, as a provider of human-critical infrastructure solutions, plays a critical role in developing solutions that support a greener future with smarter technology, better preservation of natural resources, and higher reliance on cleaner sources of energy,” said Mario Azar, Chairman and CEO of Black & Veatch. “With Deepa’s cross-industry expertise and proven track record in helping many of our clients develop effective decarbonisation strategies, I have great confidence that she and her team of experts will lead our company towards our vision to become the leading global provider of sustainable infrastructure solutions. This starts with making sustainability a major part of our business culture.”

Poduval's Global Advisory team collaborates with corporate, utility, and government clients to develop decarbonisation strategies. They use a variety of solutions, such as green power, sustainable water solutions, hydrogen technologies, and charging stations for electric vehicles, to help their clients reach their goals for sustainability, growth, and resilience. Their focus is on maximising the benefits of these solutions to help clients achieve their objectives.

Poduval said, "If we want to make the future more stable and sustainable, we need to act quickly to get companies to do good things for society and the environment. I look forward to working with our clients, partners, and highly motivated professionals to design innovative and sustainable solutions that accelerate the path to net zero.”

Originally from India, Poduval is the Executive Sponsor of WAVE, which is Black & Veatch's Employee Resource Group (ERG) for women. She is focused on promoting unique perspectives that improve the company's culture and make the workplace more welcoming for people from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, she serves on the board of directors of the GridWise Alliance. Through this role, she works towards creating a transformed grid that can support the decarbonisation of the U.S. economy.

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Source: Black & Veatch


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