Amazon Would Shut Off Words Related to Unionisation from its Internal Messaging App

Published on: 08 April 2022
by KnowESG

According to a report, Amazon has allegedly made plans to prevent words such as union, fairness, ethics, pay rise, bullying, harassment, diversity, compensation, freedom, plantation, and concerned, among others, from its internal messaging application.

A senior officer with the company said the program aims to make employees happy and productive by allowing them to identify colleagues' performance with 'Shout-Out' posts.

An internal communiqué said: "With free text, we risk people writing Shout-Outs that generate negative sentiments among the viewers and the receivers. We want to lean towards being restrictive on the content that can be posted to prevent a negative associate experience.”

The application is similar to an online dating app called Bumble, where employees talk to one another.

To add business value, Shout-Outs could be gamified to reward employees with virtual stars and badges because some people are vivid star collectors.

Amazon spokesperson Barbara M. Agrait said: "Our teams are always thinking about new ways to help employees engage with each other. Our teams are always thinking about new ways to help employees engage with each other.

Amazon responded to the acquisition and stated, "Like most companies, we have performance expectations for every Amazonian – be it corporate employee or fulfilment centre associate, and we measure actual performance against those expectations."

Nearly 70 per cent of the employees believe that the e-commerce giant has to address the concerns of its employees, and they think the shopping site has become too powerful.