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Allegion, a global security solutions provider, has published its 2022 Annual Report with ESG updates and year-in-review content on its website.

Allegion has updated its ESG goals and key performance indicators and published its 2022 ESG Summary Report on its website. The company has provided detailed information for each of the three pillars of ESG, and visitors can also find the Materiality Matrix with details of the factors that are most important to Allegion's business and key external stakeholders.

The company has achieved significant progress towards its ESG goals, including a 12% reduction in water usage compared to the 2020 baseline and a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions intensity. The use of carbon-free electricity has tripled since 2020 and is now at 14%. The company has also seen a nine-year high in employee engagement, with 25% of managers being women.

Moreover, the Board of Directors chair is independent and separate from the CEO, and the annual executive incentive plan design now includes an ESG scorecard component beginning in 2023.

According to Allegion CEO David D. Petratis, the company takes its responsibility seriously to keep its employees safe, operate sustainably, live up to high ethical standards, and serve the communities where they work and live.

He also notes that employee engagement and the company's commitment to sustainability have a direct connection to its strategy of enabling seamless access and a safer world.

To view and compare company ESG Ratings and Sustainability Reports across sectors, follow our Company ESG Profiles page.

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