Trevor Hutchings Appointed BIP Sustainability Partner

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Trevor Hutchings has joined BIP, a global consultancy, as a Partner in their sustainability team.

Commenting on Trevor's appointment, Danilo Perrucci, Head of Sustainability Global Department at BIP, expressed pride and emphasised that Trevor's addition marks the first of many steps to accelerate efforts to lead the UK's largest companies towards a sustainable economy.

As a global consulting brand with 4,500 staff worldwide, The Big Group has always prioritised sustainability as a key aspect of innovation and transformation for clients. With the current historical moment, the firm is intensifying these efforts to promote more regenerative lifestyles and work practices.

In his role as a Partner for BIP's sustainability team, Hutchings will play a crucial role in expanding the firm's sustainability consulting services and enhancing the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of clients.

With his extensive experience in leading growth and diversification strategies at Gemserv, a professional services firm, as well as his background in climate and environment programmes at Whitehall departments and the European Commission, Hutchings brings a wealth of expertise to BIP. He has also served as the Director of Advocacy at the global conservation NGO WWF.

Hutchings emphasised the importance of businesses going beyond creating shareholder value and embracing a broader responsibility to society and the environment. He believes that prioritising ESG issues not only aligns with the greater good but also yields positive outcomes for businesses, as organisations focusing on ESG have been shown to outperform their competitors.

With climate change impacts, increasing regulatory frameworks, and growing pressure from stakeholders, Hutchings believes it is essential for all organisations to make ESG a central part of their strategy, business model, and operations.

In late 2022, BIP UK and BIP US, subsidiaries of the international consulting firm BIP Group, achieved B Corp status. This certification is granted to businesses that meet stringent criteria for social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Hutchings, driven by his passion for sustainability and improving lives, will support BIP in fulfilling its ongoing B Corp commitments, demonstrating the company's commitment to balancing people, the planet, and profit.

Martin Wassell, Managing Partner at BIP, highlighted that being a B Corp goes beyond simply achieving a target. It adds a new dimension to the firm's culture and serves as a powerful element for future success. With Hutchings on board, BIP aims to drive meaningful change and make a lasting impact for future generations.

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