SRA's Global 'Food Made Good' Standard for Eateries

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The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) of the UK has launched the Food Made Good accreditation, a standardised global initiative aimed at supporting hospitality businesses in their sustainability efforts.

Officially introduced on June 12th, this comprehensive platform offers reliable and up-to-date accreditation as well as guidance for businesses striving to achieve their sustainability goals.

Restaurants worldwide now have access to the Food Made Good Standard, allowing them to embark on their sustainability journey. The development of this platform involved collaboration with renowned international experts and organisations such as WRAP, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and the Ethical Trade Initiative.

Addressing various food system issues within the hospitality sector, the newly launched accreditation follows a ten-point framework based on three main pillars: Sourcing, Society, and Environment. This framework is specifically designed to assess and measure the social and environmental impact of any restaurant.

Esteemed chefs such as Elena Reygadas, Raymond Blanc OBE, Richard Ekkebus, and Ángel León have already used this platform to evaluate the environmental footprint of their businesses. By adopting the Food Made Good Standard, restaurant owners can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability practices with increased credibility.

SRA's Managing Director, Juliane Caillouette Noble, emphasised the importance of a holistic framework that encompasses environmental and social issues, stating, "Chefs and restaurant operators must understand the need for urgent and decisive action. Issues like food waste, fair treatment of staff, and animal welfare are universal. It is time for a global conversation about what it truly means to be a responsible restaurant, and this certification provides a digestible framework for businesses, suppliers, owners, and guests."

The Food Made Good Standard aligns closely with international norms, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, enabling its global applicability. The SRA aims to support 100,000 restaurants in their transition to more sustainable practices by 2030, empowering them to communicate their commitment to customers with enhanced credibility.

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