Remilk's Sustainable Vegan Milk Debuts in Canada

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Israel's Remilk, a leader in animal-free dairy, has got the green light to sell its products in Canada.

Health Canada gave its approval on Monday, allowing Remilk to use and sell its animal-free BLG (beta-lactoglobulin) protein in the country. This marks the fourth country where Remilk has received regulatory approval, following nods from the United States, Singapore, and Israel.

"Health Canada's acceptance of our animal-free protein is additional validation of its safety and purity," said Dr. Ori Cohavi, co-founder and CTO at Remilk. "Regulatory approvals serve to not only open new markets for the sale of our proteins but also, as reassurance for both industry and consumers that our protein is the same milk protein they have been consuming and enjoying for decades."

Remilk's BLG milk protein is made without cows, using precision fermentation, which helps cut down on resources and reduces methane emissions.

Additionally, Remilk's milk is free from lactose, cholesterol, hormones, and antibiotics.

This move towards alternative proteins aligns with Israel's focus on innovation in food technology, with over 250 companies dedicated to creating sustainable food options.

Aviv Wolff, Remilk's Co-Founder and CEO, sees this approval as a big step forward, both for Remilk and Canada. He highlighted Remilk's commitment to providing consumers with dairy alternatives that are not only tasty and nutritious but also better for the environment and health.

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Source: The Jerusalem Post


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