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Ricola has become a certified B Corporation. This move reflects their long-standing dedication to environmental responsibility and social good, values deeply rooted in their family-owned business.

Meeting high standards

As a B Corp, Ricola has been independently verified to meet rigorous standards set by B Lab, a non-profit organisation. These standards focus on a company's positive impact in social and environmental areas, its legal commitment to responsible practices, and its commitment to transparency.

Sustainability ingrained in the company

Ricola's commitment to sustainability is not new. Since the company's founding, respect for the Swiss Alpine ecosystem that provides the herbs for their products has been a core principle.

Sustainable practices throughout

From using organic farming methods to continuously improving eco-friendly manufacturing processes, Ricola's practices focus on preserving these ecosystems and their biodiversity. This ensures a positive impact on both the environment and society.

"We owe everything to nature. Becoming a B Corporation aligns with our identity as a family-owned company and our dedication to connecting people with nature," says Thomas P. Meier, CEO of Ricola. "It's about balancing our ambitions for growth with our responsibilities to the planet and its people."

"B Lab Switzerland Foundation is truly honoured to welcome Ricola into the B Corp movement. As an iconic Swiss company with nearly a century of unwavering commitment to nature and communities, Ricola embodies the principles of using business as a force for good. Their dedication to resiliency and sustainability leadership is exemplary," says Jonathan Normand, Founder and CEO of B Lab Switzerland.

A framework for action

Over the past two years, Ricola has developed a comprehensive sustainability strategy. This strategy focuses on six key areas where they can make the most significant positive impact:

  • Agriculture principles: Sustainable farming practices.

  • Waste management: Reducing and responsibly disposing of waste.

  • Packaging innovation: Developing eco-friendly packaging solutions.

  • Climate change mitigation: Reducing their carbon footprint.

  • Water conservation: Minimising water usage throughout their operations.

  • Ethical sourcing: Sourcing ingredients responsibly.

Measurable goals and continuous improvement

Ricola sets specific targets for each focus area and implements yearly action plans to achieve them. These efforts involve the entire company, ensuring everyone contributes to their collective sustainability journey.

Maintaining high standards

B Corp certification requires an ongoing commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Ricola undergoes a rigorous reevaluation process every three years to ensure continuous improvement and compliance with the high standards.

Transparency and reporting

Ricola is committed to transparent communication about their sustainability efforts. They use globally recognised metrics to measure their progress and plan to publish reports every two years following the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. Their initial report for 2022 is already available on their website.

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