National Bank of Canada Publishes 2023 ESG Report

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KnowESG_National Bank of Canada Publishes 2023 ESG Report
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The National Bank of Canada released its 2023 environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reports.

These reports cover areas like the environment, social responsibility, and ethical business practices. They are designed for everyone from investors to employees, and they detail the Bank's goals, progress, and how they measure their success. You can find them on the National Bank's website under "Commitments and Impact."

Making a Positive Difference

This year's ESG report highlights the Bank's commitments to various groups and the steps they are taking to make a positive impact. They have also added information about the Principles for Responsible Banking, which they helped create. The report showcases how the Bank supports both the community and its clients in areas like clean energy and social progress through financing and advice.

Tackling Climate Change

The Bank is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They are working towards specific goals for cutting emissions in certain industries, like oil and gas.

They are also focused on reducing their own emissions by 25% by the end of 2025 to fight climate change. The report outlines their plan to achieve this and includes a new commitment to limit financing for thermal coal companies.

Building an Inclusive Workplace

The Bank's Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Booklet details their action plan for creating a more welcoming and fair work environment. This year's edition highlights their progress so far and sets goals for the future, including targets for increasing diversity by 2026. The Bank is committed to creating a workplace that respects everyone, regardless of background.

Investing Responsibly

National Bank Investments released its 2023 Report on Responsible Investment Advances. They believe responsible investing is a key part of their duty to Canadian investors and can lead to better investment decisions. The report highlights key achievements, successful collaborations, and their goals for the next few years.

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Source: National Bank of Canada


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