MSCI Launches Insights to Simplify Investors' Risk Management Processes

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MSCI Inc., a key provider of critical decision data, announced the launch of Risk Insights, a new analytics platform that calculates, stores, and seamlessly provides a broad range of risk indicators to help investors identify trends and respond to quick changes in markets.

MSCI Insights will provide institutional investors with a wide range of MSCI data and analytics, including performance attribution, index data, ESG data, and Climate data modules. MSCI Insights modules will be released in the fourth quarters of 2022 and 2023.

MSCI Risk Insights automates several analytical and reporting operations that risk analysts undertake manually. Investors can utilise automation to quickly and effectively assess the overall level of risk in their portfolios, how that risk has changed, what caused the changes, and what measures can be taken to meet their specific investment objectives.

MSCI Risk Insights provides investors with historical risk data and the option to design a set of cloud-based dashboards featuring a wide range of measures such as time-series risk, factor risk, and stress tests.

Jorge Mina, Global Head of Analytics at MSCI, said: 

“Investors are increasingly leveraging a wide range of analytics in their investment process. But the explosion of information available to them in the modern investing ecosystem has led risk management teams to focus on synthesising large amounts of data to generate reports rather than deriving meaningful insights around market trends. By bringing together world-class content via cloud delivery, the risk module of MSCI Insights creates a single channel for institutional investors to not only review and house data but also allows them to transform it into actionable information that ultimately supports a wide range of front-to-back investment activities.”

Source: MSCI

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