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Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM) has announced the launch of an ETF platform with the listing of six Calvert ETFs on the NYSE Arca stock exchange.

The ETF product suite uses Calvert Research and Management's industry-leading approach to responsible investing. It gives investors access to four indexed Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies and two active ESG strategies across a range of asset classes.

“The launch of MSIM’s ETF platform builds on our world-class investment capabilities with a diverse set of investment vehicles that aim to provide strategic value for our clients,” said Dan Simkowitz, Head of Morgan Stanley Investment Management. “This launch is the first step in MSIM’s development of a robust ETF platform that supports products across our businesses, asset classes, jurisdictions, and brands.”

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MSIM's ETF platform takes advantage of the company's wide range of products and client-centred approach by using a process that combines principles, active engagement, and deep ESG research. The six new ETFs, advised by MSIM, are:

  • Calvert US Large-Cap Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Index ETF (CDEI)

  • Calvert Ultra-Short Investment Grade ETF (CVSB)

  • Calvert US Large-Cap Core Responsible Index ETF (CVLC)

  • Calvert International Responsible Index ETF (CVIE)

  • Calvert US-Mid Cap Core Responsible Index ETF (CVMC)

  • Calvert US Select Equity ETF (CVSE)

“Throughout Calvert’s forty-year history, its commitment to responsible investing and approach to stewardship has been the foundation of its comprehensive offerings for investors,” said Ted Eliopoulos, CEO and President of Calvert Research and Management. "These new ETFs will be very popular with investors who want competitive investment returns while also promoting positive change and helping companies that are leaders in improving long-term shareholder value and societal outcomes."

About the Strategies:

  • The innovative Calvert US Large-Cap Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Index ETF (CDEI) offers investors diversified exposure to U.S. companies that Calvert believes are successful at managing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) issues. As part of Morgan Stanley's commitment to DEI, MSIM has agreed to give an amount equal to 0.02% of CDEI's net annualised assets under management to DEI projects or DEI-focused organisations every year.

  • The active equity ETF (CVSE) will focus on U.S. large-cap companies that Calvert believes are addressing global environmental or societal challenges or are leaders in managing financially material environmental or social factors.

  • The active fixed income product (CVSB) will focus on investment grade debt issuers, and the three index equity ETFs offer exposure to either U.S. large companies (CVLC), U.S. mid-cap companies (CVMC), or international companies (CVIE).

  • The goal of all six ETFs is to invest in companies that run their businesses in a way that is in line with the Calvert Principles for Responsible Investment, which is a set of guidelines for taking ESG factors into account.

Anthony Rochte, Global Head of ETFs at MSIM, said, "We are excited to bring MSIM's full range of investment options to an ETF structure with this Calvert product suite. Investors need a variety of product structures in their portfolios to help them meet their different investment goals, and ETFs can offer specific benefits, such as tax efficiency, transparency, value, and the ability to trade in different ways. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our offering for clients with active and systematic strategies that build on MSIM’s global expertise.”

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