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In a bold and inspiring move, the Kraft Heinz Company has unveiled its visionary plan for the future. As of 2023, the global food giant sets forth a formidable goal to slash the use of virgin plastic in its packaging by an impressive 20 per cent before 2030.

This ambitious step is a pivotal move towards reducing its dependence on fossil fuels and embracing more eco-friendly packaging alternatives. The anticipated result? An astounding reduction in the usage of approximately 100 million pounds of virgin plastic – equivalent to the weight of nearly five Eiffel Towers.

This new commitment is an extension of the Company's ongoing efforts and investments to minimise plastic usage across its diverse portfolio. By the year 2025, Kraft Heinz aims to achieve a packaging revolution by making it 100 per cent recyclable, reusable, or compostable. Not stopping there, the Company has its sights set on reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, with a mid-way goal of cutting emissions by half before 2030.

Rashida La Lande, Executive Vice President, Global General Counsel, and Chief Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Officer at Kraft Heinz, emphasises the importance of innovation and transformative partnerships in achieving these Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

These collaborations will play a crucial role in redesigning packaging, eliminating unnecessary plastic, increasing recycled content utilisation, and promoting the adoption of reusable models. It's a testament to Kraft Heinz's unwavering dedication to not only offering sustainable choices but also meeting and exceeding the expectations of conscious consumers.

Recycled Content Takes Center Stage

Kraft Heinz is taking decisive action by building on its existing efforts in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. through Plastic Pacts to boost the use of recycled content in packaging. The Company has set its sights on replacing 15 per cent of its U.S. PET rigid plastic packaging portfolio with post-consumer recycled content by 2025.

KRAFT® Real Mayo and MIRACLE WHIP® lead the charge in the United States by committing to shift their packaging to a remarkable 100 per cent recycled content starting in 2024, effectively eliminating approximately 14 million pounds of virgin plastic.

Similarly, HEINZ® is making waves by transitioning most of its bottles in Brazil, the U.K., and Europe to incorporate 30 per cent recycled content, furthering its green footprint.

Innovative Solutions for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Kraft Heinz is committed to reducing plastic waste by exploring packaging solutions that use less plastic and eliminating unnecessary plastic components. One notable success story is the removal of the plastic "shaker" bag from SHAKE 'N BAKE®'s signature packaging, saving a staggering 900,000 pounds of plastic waste annually. This momentous step extends across their entire product portfolio, empowering consumers to make a positive impact with every purchase.

HEINZ is taking its commitment to the environment even further by introducing an eco-friendly multipack paperboard sleeve, replacing plastic shrink-wrap in the U.K., thus eliminating over 1 million pounds of plastic in 2022.

Embracing the Future of Packaging

Kraft Heinz is pushing boundaries and exploring alternative materials, such as fibre-based packaging, with the hope that these groundbreaking innovations can be adopted for various packaging formats in the years to come.

An exciting pilot with Pulpex was announced in 2022 by HEINZ, aiming to create a paper-based, renewable, and recyclable bottle for HEINZ Tomato Ketchup – a remarkable first in the sauce category. As the Company tests the prototype for performance, this revolutionary concept could redefine sustainable packaging in the market.

Another impressive change comes from NABOB® coffee in Canada, which replaced non-recyclable flexible plastic coffee bags with recyclable canisters made from 80 per cent paper fibre from renewable resources. This switch is estimated to eliminate approximately 2.5 million plastic bags annually, leaving a profound impact on plastic waste reduction.

A Commitment to a Better Tomorrow

Driven by its core value of "We do the right thing," Kraft Heinz's dedication to minimising its environmental footprint is unwavering. These ingenious solutions serve as a testament to the Company's commitment to spearheading innovation and forging partnerships that will accelerate the journey towards a greener and more sustainable future.

To delve deeper into Kraft Heinz's ESG goals and track their remarkable progress, visit It's a journey of collective responsibility, where every choice made today paves the way for a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

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