HanesBrands Advances 2025/2030 Sustainability Goals

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Hanesbrands Inc.

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HanesBrands Inc., a renowned global leader in iconic apparel brands and sustainability, has published its 2022 Sustainability Summary Report, showcasing significant achievements in the areas of People, Planet, and Product.

"HanesBrands continues to reinforce our position as a sustainability leader by enhancing people's lives, safeguarding the planet, and creating more sustainable products," stated Steve Bratspies, CEO of HanesBrands. "Our dedicated associates worldwide are committed to making a positive impact on the communities where we operate and reside. I express my gratitude to our teams for their unwavering commitment to sustainability as we work collaboratively to accomplish our ambitious goals."

Highlights of Progress in 2021 & 2022

People Goal: Contribute to improving the lives of at least 10 million people through diversity and inclusion, workplace equality, health and wellness, education, and community-driven philanthropy.


  • 2.7 million lives positively impacted by HanesBrands' philanthropic initiatives and associate and community programmes.

  • 8.5 million pieces of essential clothing provided to those in need.

  • Women hold 50% of senior manager and above positions in the U.S.

Planet Goals: Establish science-based targets to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, decrease energy and water usage by 25%, transition to 100% renewable electricity, and achieve zero landfill waste.


  • 30% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions; emissions reduction targets submitted through the Science-Based Target Initiative.

  • 92% of waste diverted from landfills.

  • Almost 50% of electricity consumption from renewable sources.

Product Goals: Utilise 100% recycled/biodegradable polyester and sustainably sourced cotton, reduce packaging weight by 25%, and eliminate single-use plastics (remaining plastics must be recyclable or compostable).


  • 70% of cotton used is sustainably grown.

  • Projects implemented to reduce single-use plastic by 34%.

  • Projects implemented to reduce packaging weight by 11%.

"We take pride in our longstanding commitment to ethical and responsible business practices and our ongoing dedication to 'Do What's Right'," said Chris Fox, Chief Sustainability Officer of HanesBrands. "Our sustainability journey dates back decades, and we look forward to continuing our hard work towards achieving our ambitious 2025 and 2030 sustainability targets."

HanesBrands has also announced the launch of its global associate sustainability campaign, "I'm In," which encourages associates to take simple actions that drive significant change. With over 50,000 associates worldwide, the "I'm In" campaign aims to further amplify HanesBrands' impact on environmental improvement and foster engagement among internal teams in creating a more comfortable world for everyone.

To learn more about HanesBrands' 2025 and 2030 goals and progress, please visit HBISustains.com.

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