H&M Releases 2022 Annual and Sustainability Report

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For many years, H&M Group has focused on sustainability, and this year the company is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its sustainability reporting. The integrated Annual and Sustainability Report of H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB has been released and is now accessible on the group's website, hmgroup.com.

Leyla Ertur, Head of Sustainability at H&M Group, believes that incorporating sustainability into a brand's values will enable it to cope better with rising consumer interest and legislative demands while making valuable contributions to the world and its people. She encourages open communication and collaboration to address the common challenges faced by the industry and the planet.

Here are some sustainability-related highlights from 2022:

  • H&M Group has achieved an 84% rate of recycled or sustainably sourced materials, with 23% of materials being recycled. This progress brings the company closer to achieving its target of 30% recycled materials by 2025.

  • Compared to a 2019 baseline, there has been a 7% absolute reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in scope 3 and an 8% absolute reduction in scopes 1 and 2, contributing to the company's goal of reducing absolute emissions by 56% by 2030.

  • The company has reduced plastic packaging by 44% compared to the 2018 baseline.

  • H&M Group has launched a new 2030 water strategy and has decreased relative water consumption per product by 38% compared to the 2017 baseline, achieved through efficiency improvements and increased wastewater recycling.

  • In the last year, trade union representation in the company's tier 1 supplier factories has increased from 37% to 42%, with 34% having collective bargaining agreements in place (compared to 27% in 2021).

  • Women comprise 63% of workers' representatives in tier 1 supplier factories, and 27% hold supervisory positions.

Further information about the company's sustainability work is available in the Sustainability Disclosure 2022, which can be accessed at hmgroup.com.

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